Episodes: Masonry

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Ep. 74 – Thomas Meagher: Suck of the Irish

Ep. 73 – Agent Zigzag: The Spy Who Proposed to Me

Ep. 72 – Blackbeard: Gimme Dat Booty!

Ep. 71 – Gallipoli: D-Day for Dummies

Ep. 70 – John Brown: Task Failed Successfully

Ep. 69 – USS Indianapolis: HOLEY SHIP!

Ep. 68 – Hannibal: The Mannibal with the Plannibal

Ep. 67 – The Battle of the Marne: Come Marne Feel the Noise

Ep. 66 – The Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Ep. 65 – Shootout at the OK Coral: Kurt Russell Lied to Me!

Ep. 64 – Lewis and Clark Part II: Are We There Yet?

Ep. 63 – Lewis and Clark Part I: Boats and Bros