Episodes: Masonry

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Ep. 93 – Ulysses S. Grant Part I: More Like Useless

Ep. 92 – 9/11 Part II: Coming Down

Ep. 91 – 9/11 Part I: Building Up

Ep. 90 – The Battles of Ypres: New and Exciting Ways to Die!

Ep. 89 – The 96 Olympic Bombing: Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Wrong Man.

Ep. 88 – Cleopatra: Bad ROMEance

Ep. 87 – The Pony Express: Delivering Bullshit since 1860!

Ep. 86 – The Assassination of James Garfield Part II: Garfield FUCKING HATES Mondays

Ep. 85 – The Assassination of James Garfield: The Madman and the Reluctant Champio

Ep. 84 -The Battle of the Somme: Everybody Wants Somme. I Want Somme Too!

Ep. 82 – Napoleon Bonaparte Part II: Meet the New Boss

Ep. 81 – Napoleon Bonaparte Part I: General in the Streets, Incel in the Sheets