History. Whiskey. Jokes.

Join your main host Greg and your sexy host Chris as they drink and make dumb jokes to try and ease the suffering that is human history.  New episodes every other Thursday!

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Ep. 92 – 9/11 Part II: Coming Down

Our Illustrious Team

Main Host Greg has many passions such as: Studying WWII, amassing a huge collection of fine whiskeys and bourbons, and pretending his wife respects him as a man.

Wolfthomew Richards IV, a.k.a Wolf Dick, is the invalid producer and board op for HPH. Born into a wealthy family of human traffickers, Wolf Dick was seriously injured in a Horse Dancing accident.  He has very little brain function left, but he sure does love funny sounds and animal crackers!

Sexy Host Chris would like to remind everyone that “sexy” is a state of mind and they should stop sending him hate mail calling him an “ugly liar.”  Even if lying about himself is his favorite pastime.

Daniel the Intro Guy was not present on company photo day and deserves no bio.